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Equipment are items which a character uses by wearing, or equipping, that item. Equipment takes up one of twelve equipment slots that are default to every character regardless of class, and fifteen more equipment slots allotted to Cash Shop equipment, particularly costumes and wings.

Equipment Types

Armor According to Base Class

Headgear Upper Body Lower Body Gloves Footwear Main Weapon Secondary Weapon
Warrior Helmet Shirt Pants Gloves Boots Sword, Axe or Hammer Gauntlet
Archer Headband One-Piece Leggings Mittens Booties Longbow, Shortbow or Crossbow Quiver
Sorceress Tiara Robe Tights Muffs Heels Staff Book, Voodoo Doll or Crystal Ball
Cleric Galero Armor Trousers Cuffs Shoes Wand, Mace or Flail Shield
Academic Beret Tunic Slacks Cloak Round-toed Shoes Cannon or Kabala Threaded Loop
Kali Orni Chori Salwar Rakki Jutti Fans or Chakrams Charm
Assassin Mask Vest Greaves Grips Walker Scimitar or Dagger Crook
Lancea Bonnet Chemise Knee Socks Gloves Sandals Spear Bracelet
Machina Rebozo Poncho Paño Hand Wraps Moccasin Knuckle Gear Claw


Accessories Necklace Earring Ring Ring

Item Rarity



It is highly advised to enhance a character's equipment to increase the stat bonuses (hit point, mana, physical defense and magic defense) given by items. Recommended levels are +6, which is the safe point of enhancement (no breakage of the equipment upon failure), +10 and above.

Item Suffixes

Crafting suffixes to equipment allows players to customize their character's equipment based on the needed stats of the character; suffixes also give a particular special effect that triggers in certain conditions. Oftentimes, armor are given Life suffixes to increase maximum hit points and primary stat suffixes (Bear for STR, Wind for AGI and Intellect for INT) are given to weapons, although those which are oriented for physical damage use the Destruction suffix instead for a boost in physical attack.

In PVP, popular suffix choices include Iron Wall (defense), Tent (magic defense), Knight and Restraint (gives a movement debuff when triggered).

Suffixes are no longer applied in the game.


Potentials give a massive boost to a character's stats when applied to equipment due to its percentage values, which make it a requirement in higher-level gameplay. In most classes, the most desired set of potentials are composed of the main stat of that class, AGI (for increased critical), and maximum HP. Maximum mana later became viable after the changes in mana consumption in later patches.

Potentials are only available for old items.

Dragon Jades

In later versions of the game, suffixes and potentials are replaced by Dragon Jades, which work similarly to suffixes in giving basic stats but without the headache-inducing RNG. Jades, however, drop frequently in Master-difficulty dungeons and can be added to equipment more easily. Level 80 Equipment may require as many as three jades, while Level 90 equipment only needs one per piece.

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