Fire energy is collected into a fireball which causes a powerful explosion when fired. Up to 2 times of damage can be given when the energy is collected for more than 1.3 seconds.
Learned by
Class Elemental Lord
Type Debuff
Attribute Fire
Cooldown 15 sec (PvE)

25 sec (PvP)

Mana Cost 416 MP (PvE)

701 MP (PvP)

Maximum Level 19
Character Level 15
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
25 SP used on Sorceress skills
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Fireball is a basic Elemental Lord skill available at Level 15. The user charges energy and shapes it into a fireball that gains power the longer it is charged. The skill deals up to 200% (100% in PvP) of its base attack if charged for at least 1.3 seconds.

The damage bonus is divided into three levels.

  • In PvE, Level 1 deals 100% base damage, Level 2 deals 150% and Level 3 deals 200%.
  • In PvP, Level 1 deals 33% base damage, Level 2 deals 66% and Level 3 deals 100%.

In PvP, the amount of burn ticks received by enemies hit is limited to 5, with each burn attack dealing 5% damage.

Skill Information

Level Req. Level ATK
1 15 843% 160%
5 27 903% 176%
6 30 1025% 197%
10 42 1085% 293%
11 45 1207% 354%
15 57 1267% 461%
16 60 1389% 554%
19 69 1434% 580%
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