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Npc left soceressstella
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Secret
Occupation Sorceress trainer
Current Location Saint Haven
Status Alive
Voiced by Dina Rao (English SEA)
Additional Information
Star Sign Aquarius
Blood Type AB
Height 170 cm
Weight Secret
Likes Laboratory testing
Real estate journals
Dislikes Hypocrites
Muscular men
Affiliation Free Adventurer's Guild

Master Sorceress Stella is an experienced Sorceress who resides in Saint Haven. She has great interest in real estate investment, but hasn't made much profit from it.

She is always conducting strange experiments that annoy others around her.


Adventurers know her for treating adventurers like children, calling them "cute" and offering them candies, although she prefers to keep her age a secret to everyone. She is also noted for her interest in gardening, and has once asked adventurers to deliver saplings of man-eating plants to her, followed by a gargoyle (or at least, footprints of one) to deter those who try to destroy her plants. Nonetheless, her plans for her garden were destroyed by Rodrigo's powerful herbicide.

Aside from her quirky interests, Stella has shown a certain degree of expertise in handling magical artifacts and concocting Dream Powder, which is also among Lady Kayleen's skills.



  • "You are too cute for an adventurer."
  • "Wonderful! I was bored to tears."
  • "What do you want kid?"


  • "Oh, I was about to give you a candy but I realized I ate them all."
  • "Hope to see you way bit taller next time, kiddo."
  • "*giggles( Why is the kid angry at being treated like a kid?"


Stella Bromide Preview
Giving gifts to Stella increases fondness with Tara and Kayleen. When the Aversion bar was still active, gifting Enoch caused Stella's bar to raise, and vice versa.

She is one of the characters that provides Bromide when bar reaches 90%.

Fondness Quotes

  • "What is it?"


Hi, young hero.

"I'm giving you this item, not because I'm grateful for your gift. Maybe you can buy some sweets with it."


Stella Bromide


  • She is a huge fan of Karacule, to the point that she named her garden "Karacule★Wonderland".
  • She is a fan of Dragon Ball, and makes a reference about it during one of her quests.
  • Besides gardening, her other hobby is figure crafting.


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