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Npc left velskud human.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 76
Alias The Black Knight
The Black Thing
The Knight of Kaleon
Hero Knight
Guardian of the World
Occupation Captain of the Saint Haven Royal Army (formerly)
Apostle (formerly)
Current Location Monolith (Succeed Agenta's role in guarding the Monolith after her death)
Status Alive
Voiced by Kim Ki Huong (Korean)
GACKT (Japanese)
LaMont Ridgell (English SEA)
Carol Stanzione (English trailer only)
Introduced in Chapter 2: Pursuing the Black Knight
Counterparts Velskud (Manga)
Velskud (Movie)
Additional Information
Star Sign Virgo
Blood Type AB
Height 182 cm
Weight 72 kg
Likes Spicy food
Dislikes Liars
"I'm only following the justice that I believe in."


Velskud was one of the greatest knights of Saint Haven, and is one of the original Six Heroes who fought against Karas in the Black Dragon Raid fifty years from the present time. As the son of a minor noble family that were members of the Dragon Followers, Velskud was indoctrinated to serve the Red Dragon from a very young age. With his swordsmanship skills, he became one of the Seven Apostles, and easily found himself a place within the Saint Haven Royal Army and eventually gained the trust of the King.

Velskud was said to be a very talented swordsman, and at a young age he became the Captain of the Saint Haven Royal Army, at that time known as Greywood Fortress, representing the kingdom as one of the Royal High Guards. Later, he joined a group of adventurers who will be later refereed to as "The Six Heroes": Barnac, Karacule, Terramai, Nerwin, and his best friend Geraint, who led the group.

As a group, Velskud sometimes found himself involved in the heroes' misadventures, mostly because of Karacule, resulting on him developing a dislike for her and anything related, like the food she prepares. He formed a close relationship with Geraint, and they are said to have spent most of their time together, either sparring or in Velskud's tent. At the end of the Black Dragon Raid, being hurt by Geraint's betrayal he attacked him, blinding him in the process and took Karas' Jewel resulting on him accidentally fusing with it and becoming a Dragon himself. He was taken away by Elena and wasn't seen again for 50 years.

Since then he has abandoned the Seven Apostles and begun a hunt for revenge to kill his old Master Feather, and another member of the Apostles known as Karahan, to avenge all the suffering he was put through. After Geraint's death, he started to hunt for Bishop Ignacio as well.

Eventually Velskud lost his Dragon Jewel to Rozalinde, temporary becoming fully human again but leaving him incapacitated and close to dying, with Terramai taking him under his care. With the help of the adventurers Velskud obtains a new Dragon Jewel and resumes his mission, sneaking out of the Saint Haven Royal Castle.

Velskud is seen once again at Anu Arendel, wearing the clothes similar to those he wore in the past. He took responsibility for Argenta's death, who desired to die after being contaminated, and absorbed the Silver Dragon jewel left behind inside his body.

For some time, Velskud took care of Geraint's sword, which possessed the memories of the old Geraint within it. He left behind the sword after it's remaining powers and Geraint's shadow wore off.


Velskud has a sarcastic nature, and has the tendency of speaking his feelings and thoughts directly no matter how offensive they could be, coming off as insensitive to others. A "despicable way of speaking" as Terramai puts it. Because of this he was never able to get along well with any of the Six Heroes but Geraint, specially Karacule, who he insulted and rejected her food with no remorse and Terramai, who called out for not behaving like a proper Cleric and only helping injured soldiers rather than fight at the front. This behavior has however become a double-edged weapon, as he has accidentally made remarks that comes off as ironic for his own, something called out by Commelina and Illusion in different occasions.

Despite his cynicism, he is relatively polite and able to keep his calm nature unless angered or desperate, when he will have no qualms using foul language and screaming to be left alone. Overall, Velskud has a great dislike for anyone who attempts to see through his emotions and understand him, which often triggers said episodes of anger. He has spoke openly about his personal life to the Player, but ran away upon realizing he had said too much. However, he did not react like this towards Geraint, who easily noticed when something was wrong with him and questioned him, receiving no negative response from Velskud.

Contrasting to how his past self was said to fight alongside Geraint, the present Velskud is someone who would rather work independently and has rejected any requests of cooperation with the Player. He is usually hostile to those who try to help him, and the only occasions he gave in was when Commelina, Daisy and Terramai forced him to be under their care, and to request the former to help him retrieve a fragment of his wing, as he had no other options. Notably, the Player once criticized how all of Velskud's and Geraint's problems could have been easily solved from the beginning if they attempted to communicate, receiving insults from Velskud in return.

Velskud has a compassionate and supporting side only shown towards Geraint, and to Xian, Illusion and Commelina to some degree, however rarely with the same tact and kindness as towards the former. He values knowledge over physical strength, and upon realizing Geraint's ignorance he persuaded him into learning from books. On the contrary, Velskud shows absolutely no mercy towards those who had hurt Geraint or him, pursuing Karahan and King Feather to kill in revenge for everything they put him through, and subsequently attempting to kill Bishop Ignacio and the Player for Geraint's dead. Ignacio escaped from him and he spared the Player, due to still valuing his own relationship with Geraint, but showed no remorse at manipulating them to acquire his powers back from Serpentra.

Because of his family background, Velskud describes his old self as someone "stupid" and "blind". It's implied that his change happened thanks to meeting Geraint. While Velskud originally joined the Six Heroes as a spy, their deep bond strengthened by a vow of protection puts in question his loyalty to King Feather, as he started to show more loyalty towards Geraint.

Velskud initially showed a competitive nature, and often engaged into sword fighting matches against Geraint who liked to taunt him saying he would never be able to beat him. However it is known too that Velskud complimented Geraint whenever he had the chance, saying no one was better than him, which seems to imply that his competitiveness wore off at some point.

Guilt seems to be one of the emotions Velskud has more trouble dealing with, as in the past it's know that he destroyed and buried one of his weapons after Geraint got hurt in battle trying to protect him, putting the blame on himself for the injury. In Commelina's future, it's implied that Geraint is the reason behind his desire to protect the people from the alternate timeline that Commelina will travel to, and travel to the past. Jasmine sees him as someone devoted to his duty, which was trusted upon him by Geraint, but he claims that he is just enduring in his place as he got nothing to live for. Velskud also doesn't take feeling used or lied to lightly, something that can cause a drastic mood change on him as seen during the Black Dragon Raid when upon learning that Geraint was a Dragon, he reacted by dropping his weapon and himself on the ground and being in a state of shock so alarming his comrades ran to his aid, then he attacked Geraint and screamed for an explanation as soon as he had chance. His inability to move on and let go of the past, something that has been pointed out by the Assassin, may be his most unfortunate character trait, as Velskud himself has admitted his problem but shows so far no effort to change it as he is still pursuing his revenge.

Velskud's two-faced personality has become more apparent on his future self, and he seems to go from melancholic to cynical in the different times he has appeared. He overall behaves politely towards Jasmine, but it's cynical and sarcastic other times. Commelina describes him as someone very kind hearted, however all her memories of him but one were made up by Jasmine which puts in question this statement.


The First Meeting with Geraint

"It all began when the nameless swordsman from countryside and the royal knight of the castle met…"

—[Black Dragon Raid - The Idiot's Guide]

Velskud met Geraint for the first time as he was fighting soldiers in some kind of battleground, personally seeking him due to the rumors of a "golden haired swordsman" who was looking for an opponent. He flatters him for his skills and asked for a duel. Ignoring the large amount of unconscious soldiers around them, Geraint shifted his stance and Velskud moved forward to attack, but he successfully parried all of the upcoming attacks and after accidentally slicing in half a nearby statue, they halt the duel. Geraint says that he was waiting for him, the "knight who serves under the king" as he had a message for him. He begins talking about the recent influx of monsters, explaining that the reason for this is the recent awakening of the Black Dragon, and that everyone needs to unite to defeat it. Velskud believes in Geraint and promises he will arrange a meeting with the king, surprising the latter. Geraint questions how could Velskud believe him so easily, but he turns saying that Geraint doesn't wield his sword to spout nonsense, and walks away leaving a confused Geraint staring behind.

The individuals who will be latter known as "The Six Heroes" faced each other for the very first time in a hall of Saint Haven Royal Castle for the meeting that had been arranged by Velskud. Geraint begins his explanation, but unfortunately the adventurers are more concerned about the questionable partner choices he brought with. Geraint states that from now on everyone will work together and should learn to understand each other, and Velskud follows saying that he is glad everyone gathered to listen what the king has to say.

Velskud of the Six Heroes

Along with the troops lead by Geraint, Velskud patrolled several areas around the continent, including places like Anu Arendel. Lianna, who at that time was part of the Dragon slayers, secretly overheard conversations between the Six Heroes which were told to the Player and Iona decades later. According to her, while on this region, the group faced a lot of loses due to contamination with the Black Dragon's blood that was infecting monsters as well. Thanks to the terrain's natural properties they were slowly recovering, but Nerwin noted a morale drop overall. Velskud confronts Geraint on his incompetence to lead the army saying that he should have foreseen the morale drop, causing the war to be extended. Geraint formulates a plan with the help of Karacule to disguise their troops and made the monster believe they hold the advantage, while Nerwin and Terramai try to find a cure as fast as possible and cover. Velskud notes the risk of Geraint's plans saying that if they are discovered they will be easily defeated, that they should use as little troops as they can to buy time, and coerces him to think carefully.

Finally all Heroes agree with Geraint's schemes and leave Velskud and him alone. Geraint begins asking if there was something Velskud wanted to speak in private. Velskud starts talking about how Geraint values the lives of the troops too much and that as a leader he should prioritize victory and be more ruthless. Geraint is unable to give Velskud an answer, and the latter states that he is not suitable for a leading position. Velskud expresses being afraid of the enemy targeting Geraint once the war is over, and promises that he will help him, but he insists that this is his problem and will try to settle it alone. Velskud still insist that he will help him as well as his friend in the red hood, because thanks to his position he can sneak Geraint away easy. Geraint questions why would Velskud want to help him, at which he answer that to him Geraint is a really good companion, and smiles bitterly. Geraint makes an unreadable expression, and Velskud quickly changes the subject asking him why did he come to his tent, as a mess had been made with his books. Geraint affirms that it was him indeed because he had forgotten something, and wanted to read them again, adding that he placed all the books back where they belonged, but Velskud reproaches him saying that his books weren't at all in their original order. Geraint insists that he placed the book backs into the bookshelves and Velskud scolds him saying that he meant the original position of everything, pointing out his bad manners, but he tries to justify them saying that he had no time for that. Starting to get irritated, Velskud ask how he could not have time to read but Geraint says he has been learning useful things with Terramai. Now an angered Velskud expresses his discomfort about this fact, saying that Terramai never does anything but treating injured soldiers, and Geraint wonders if maybe the Goddess likes it this way. He laughs saying that if the Clerics heard him they would get mad, confusing Geraint. Velskud goes on saying that Geraint should learn at least the doctrine Cleric, and that there are many things to learn other than swordsmanship. Geraint reassures he will turn to Velskud to get his lessons. Lianna finishes her story adding that both Geraint and Velskud are very foolish men, who make her feel like turning foolish the more she thinks about them.

Velskud and Geraint in a flashback at the Ruins of Lost Time

Somehow Velskud found himself with Geraint being tasked to find Karacule's earring, which was lost near Sunken Cargo Vessel, despite Terramai being blamed for that. Geraint led the way, claiming that he knew where they were going but unfortunately for Velskud, they both got lost due to Geraint's lack of sense of direction. Velskud then leads and manages to find the way but they were ambushed by monsters. Geraint is ashamed of his bad sense of direction but Velskud tries to comfort him saying that he shouldn't sulk about it because everyone has strengths and weakness to deal with. Velskud proceeds to ask about how he learned swordsmanship skills at which Geraint answered that he just knew how to. Geraint is challenged by Velskud to a battle as soon as they get out of the place, but Geraint just teases him saying that he would never be able to win, angering Velskud. This moment can be witnessed by the Player themselves thanks to the Dream Powder prepared by Master Sorceress Stella.

Heraldry Scholar Stas, who actively participated in the raid, also provides another story. There was an old rumor that said Velskud destroyed and buried his weapon himself at Dark Overlord Tower. Stas explains that during the raid, there were battles constantly. During one of these Geraint and Velskud were isolated by the enemy and found themselves overpowered. Together they managed to defeat plenty of enemies, but Geraint got injured while trying to protect Velskud from an enemy attack. They were eventually rescued and brought to safety, but Velskud felt so much guilt over the injury Geraint took, that he decided to destroy his sword and bury it on the battlefield. Because the Player managed to find the old, rusty and broken sword, Stas agrees the story is true. According to Stas, both Geraint and Velskud were great swordmen, but Velskud occasionally made remarks about how no one was more honorable and talented as Geraint.

The Black Dragon Raid

The Black Dragon Karas proved to be far too powerful for the heroes, a tired Velskud reclines on his sword wondering if it's over for all of them. Suddenly he noticed Geraint walking forward to the Dragon's direction and Velskud stands up begging him to stop. Geraint turned around to say "Sorry, humans" and deployed his wings, he turned into the Gold Dragon and flew forward to face the Black Dragon. The revelation of Geraint being a Dragon himself caused shock and disgust among the adventurers, with Velskud being the most astonished one, dropping his weapon to the ground and falling on his knees. His comrades noticed the state he was and tried to make him relax, but he just stared silently at Geraint while he was fighting Karas. Geraint successfully killed the Black Dragon and retrieved it's Dragon Jewel.

As Geraint, now in his human form, was contemplating the newly acquired Jewel Velskud ran towards him and attacked, cutting off one of his eyes and took the Jewel that had fallen into the ground near him. Geraint tried to get him to give it back, but Velskud pointed his sword at him and their sights locked. As Velskud was screaming asking repeatedly Geraint why he had lied to him, the Jewel forced it's way into Velskud body and he fell on the ground twisting in pain while a despairing Geraint screamed and knelt besides him. Elena, who was nearby, mistook this for Velskud successfully stealing the Dragon Jewel and ordered her minions to bring Velskud to her. She fled the place carrying Velskud on her back.

Velskud and Elena were never heard of for 50 years, and both Geraint and Argenta found themselves forced to hide for about the same time.

This version of the story in unknown to the inhabitants of Lagendia, including the Player, until he/she reaches Lotus Marsh to hear Karacule's version or finishes the Beginning of a Legend quest line. The more romantic version of the story that was made popular among the people narrates that Velskud sacrificed himself for the sake of the army. Other stories also support the idea that both Velskud and Geraint died in action.

The Apostles

According to Velskud, when he was one of the Apostles, their Master desired to become a Dragon and acquired a Jewel by himself. However, it was unstable so he wanted to get Karas's Jewel due to it being a mature dragon. The Jewel was fused into Velskud's body and was impossible to pull out, so he ordered Karahan, a fellow Apostle, to find a way to extract the Jewel from Velskud, with the latter being forced to stay at Karahan's laboratory to undergo experiments.

Velskud later escaped from Karahan's laboratory, and started planning his revenge.

The Search for the Ancient

Velskud soon focused on a new objective, and it is to steal the powers of the Ancient, which resides inside a girl named Rose, who was currently captured by soldiers under Elena's command. After swiftly taking Rose from the harpies who had Rose in their custody, he took her to the Forest Sanctuary, in which he tried to use the machine located there to extract Rosee; however, this first attempt fails, and after getting rid of the Player he flees with Rose.

Soon after, he made another attempt at extracting the Ancient's powers at Sleeper's Temple, but he was ambushed by Argenta who teamed up with the Player to stop him. The both of them were unsuccessful and Argenta is severely injured and knocked unconscious, so Velskud was able to use the machine and absorb Rose's powers. He made a quick return to Black Mountain, where he has set up a Nest surrounded by a very complex fortress. During his trip back, he caused severe damage to the Nautilus near the Forest of Death, crippling the only available travel route to Saint Haven from Calderock Village. It would require several repairs and a recharging of the flying ship's power system before the Nautilus could fly again. At Forest of Death Velskud had a brief encounter with the Assassin while he was looting the Nautilus, and makes a mocking remark about him, but he does not recognize Velskud as this is his younger self who was warped in time with Lunaria.

Encounter with the Dragons

At Abandoned Welton Hollow, Velskud encounters Geraint for the first time in fifty years. Geraint tries to confront him but Velskud ignored him and fled, with Geraint following behind. Later, they have another encounter at Dark Overlord Keep, and lastly Geraint attempted to penetrate Velskud's Nest at the Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army, but failed. Argenta then continued to look out for ways to break through the defenses of Black Mountain, and decided to use an Ancient Priest's Rune like the one they used 50 years ago in the Black Dragon Raid.

Velskud's wing

Later, Velskud discovered that his nest was breached by the combined forces of Argenta, Geraint and the adventurers, joined the Saint Haven Royal Army. He prepares an all-out battle against the attackers, and left the fight to his minions while he faces Geraint one-on-one. Soon, Argenta recovered Rose, and Velskud attempted to chase behind her, but Geraint gave him no chances of leaving their fight. The battle finally ended with Geraint losing his remaining eye and Velskud with several injuries around his body, including one of his wings being dismembered.

As the Wounds Heal

Velskud falls a great height to the Lonely Forest Path near Dried Marissa Spring, and he stays there for a short while, as he allowed his wounds to heal. With the help of Jasmine and Douglas, he is found by the Academic who tries to persuade him into helping her but Velskud ignores her, and instead replies that he will go to the Foothills of Black Mountain.

At some point, Velskud is subdued by his injuries and faints. He is later found under a tree by a little girl named Daisy, who for unknown reasons sees Velskud as a crow, calling him "Birdie" and decides to adopt him despite her grandfather's disapproval, taking him to a cave in the Foothills of Black Mountain. She describes him as a big crow that is far friendlier than others of it's kind. Unfortunately for Velskud, Daisy's methods are not always the appropriate ones as she gave him cockroaches and other insects for food, which he rejected. Daisy scolds Velskud about the importance of not wasting food and it ends up with her forcefully putting the insects on his mouth, making him swallow the insects. After that experience Velskud refuses to eat anything but Wasabi Crackers. The Player can help Daisy get food and supplies to take care of bird, unaware of it's true nature.

Later, he is found by the Academic who was guided by Jasmine. She prepares some painkillers for him. Surprised, Velskud points out that the Academic attacked him back at the Dark Overlord Training Camp along with the other adventurers, Argenta and Geraint, but she rectifies that she is not his enemy. The Academic explains that in the future he is the guardian of humans, but he brushes it off instead saying that his future self is very foolish and that why would he go alongside a child like her. Velskud asks why she is there, and the Academic explains that she and her sister developed time traveling to fulfill a task and Velskud just remarks that the people in the future are very irresponsible for entrusting the future to a child like her. After a while, Velskud tells her to leave and warns her that he is not the same person that she knows in the future.

At some point, Assassin has a brief meeting at the same cave, arranged by Commelina. Velskud helps the Assassin clarify some facts about his past and about his relationship with Illusion and the Seven Apostles, but he soon gets tired and kicks him out, saying that if he wants more information he should ask the people at Saint Haven Royal Castle.

The next visit, Velskud asks the Academic to help him retrieve a Core from his dismembered wing and tells her that she won't get infected just by touching that part, making her feel excited that he is finally trusting her yet being worried, but he just brushes it off. Back with Velskud, Academic tells him about her meeting with Xian at Dark Overlord Tower who was also on a mission to collect fragments of his dismembered wing by request of Ignacio, who will supposedly use them to clean the power of the Black Dragon. Velskud says that Ignacio is up to something and that everyone around Ignacio are gonna find their lives shortened for helping him and laughs at Geraint's attempt to protect Rose.

Velskud Gets Told.jpg

When the Academic asks if they could do something to help him, Velskud answers that it's all his fault for letting himself be taken advantage of and that he doesn't care if he dreams of revenge forever or just die. The Academic angered, mocks him for the irony of his answer. Velskud then turns his face away from her and stops talking. After a while, he advises her to watch out for Ignacio.

After the last meal he had with Daisy, Velskud fled from her and flew inside Dark Overlord Tower to avoid her from following him. The Player, still unaware of the bird's true identity accepts to help Daisy and goes after it. Unfortunately Velskud had already left, most likely because Karahan was also looking for him at the same place.

Velskud settles back at the cave and is visited once again by the Academic who is seeking for advice about Serpentra, who she suspects is about to be revived by Ignacio. Velskud figures that it's related to the fact that he wanted pieces of his wing, and informs her that Ignacio is part of a group called Apostles. Velskud states that she should just leave them alone and that it's all their responsibility for being foolish. At some point after the Academic leaves, Serpentra revives and Geraint leaves with Xian and Triana to Captain Darlant's Base to hunt Serpentra, he leaves the cave for good. According to Karahan, who is looking Velskud, he left to Captain Darlant's Base which is the place he heads as well to resume his chase of him.

The Hunt for the Sea Beast

Velskud geraint sword.png

After Geraint was killed by Serpentra, he went to the basement of Saint Haven Castle to look for and kill Ignacio, who was partially responsible for Geraint's death and the capture of Rose after Geraint's Nest disappeared. However, Ignacio is no longer inside Saint Haven, and might have left before anyone had noticed. Velskud then took Geraint's sword and traveled back to Darlant's Ship, the place where Geraint died. When confronted, he counters the Player by blaming them for the deaths of both Elena and Geraint, the capture of Rose by Ignacio and the transformation of Serpentra into a full-fledged Dragon. The whole time he is holding the sword, which he refuses to give back and tell off to be left alone.

He secretly follows the Player while on their search for ingredients for Stella and can be found at Nameless Tyrant Tomb, still with Geraint's sword. He claims that he doesn't trust the Player's apology and that if they really want to prove their sincerity, they should go take down Serpentra themselves. He will give the last ingredient needed, and tell off the Player to go away.

Velskud power up.png

Velskud re-appears at Serpentra's Nest, just in time to rescue the Player from the Dragon. Velskud knocks down Serpentra with a single hand and proceeds to extract Geraint's sword from his body and use it to slice Serpentra's throat, killing it. He doesn't direct a single word to the Player during the process and retreats the place.

Pursuit in Lotus Marsh

After powering himself up with Serpentra's remains and completing his healing, Velskud leaves for Lotus Marsh with his main objective being to pursue Karahan. He is first seen just after rescuing Cidel from Karahan and the Dragon Followers at their own base when he was seeking the Player and attempting to avenge Charti. Alarmed, the Player thinks Velskud attacked Cidel and ask for an explanation, but Velskud quickly dismisses it was his fault and the Player then asks why he is at Lotus Marsh. Velskud refuses to explain and tells the Player to go away but they keep pressuring him asking if it was because of the Green Dragon jewel, and reveals that Karahan already obtained it. Velskud, now interested asks the Player what they know but they ask back if Velskud is a friend of Karahan. With his face distorted by fury, Velskud tells the Player to shut up and accidentally confesses that the only reason he spared them was because of his friendship with Geraint. Seemingly disheartened, the Player interrupts Velskud to ask about said friendship they had, saying that they though they were enemies. Velskud is unable to answer, and the Player continues saying that Velskud and Geraint are the same, and asks why they kept everything to themselves and never cleared their misunderstandings. Velskud disses the Player's attempt at understanding him, saying that he was always alone and only pretending to be a hero to take advantage of them just like Ignacio. Velskud tells the Player to not bother him again and get lost, and proceeds to flee from the area.


It isn't until the Player arrives Karacule's hut that the fact that Velskud saved Cidel's life is confirmed, and at this point as well Karacule reveals the true story of the Dragon Raid. Unlike Karacule, Cidel is deeply moved by the fact that Velskud, one of the Six Heroes who is now a Dragon, saved his life and planned to team up with him to avenge Charti, refusing to listen to the Player's warnings. Karacule then suggest to meet up with Velskud again.

Following the suggestion of Old Hound Jack, and after hearing some rumors from Master Warrior Pedro, the Warrior heads to look for Velskud at East Ancient Armory and questions him about his purpose. Velskud answers that he is looking for Karahan and scolds the Warrior for always meddling with his business, but decides to ask him what he is fighting for and why is he always trying to help people he doesn't even know. Velskud makes fun of the Warrior's wish of surpassing Barnac to met with his father, and challenges the Warrior to a battle to test his abilities.

After the fight, Velskud tells the Warrior that he needs balance and to get rid of what is worthless in order to improve further. The Warrior travels to Riverwort Wharf to meet Velskud again, but only finds Geraint's sword fixed on the ground, and has a brief talk with him. After the Warrior is done with Geraint, Velskud comes back to retrieve the sword. Velskud tells him that he should train continuously, and advises him to not fix his sight on his old goal to be able to find his way. Velskud then feels like he has talked to much and decides to retire. The Warrior asks what he is gonna do with Geraint's sword, but Velskud just tells him that he is not obliged to answer that and leaves.

Velskud is seen again wandering the base again, and with not much trouble he reveals that he was pursuing Karahan, then ignores the Player's following questions but explains that Karahan is obtaining Power from an unknown source, then leaves for the West Ancient Armory which is the place he believes he is doing it so. The Player quickly chase him and arrives the Armory just in time to find Velskud by the entrace, being received with a mock from him, but they still chose to closely follow Velskud through the place until he finally finds Karahan and witness their verbal confrontation. During their encounter Karahan teases Velskud with the name "Knight of Kaleon", and that someone he recommended and that is familiar with him already took his place, confusing him, and after a short pause Velskud states that his biggest regret was not killing him the day he escaped from the laboratory. Once again, Karahan teases him for being "so unkind" and thanks him for helping with his research about Dragon Jewels, then mocks him saying that it would have been far easier if he had simply killed Velskud. Furious, Velskud attacks Karahan but his swords are easily dispelled by the second, stating that he is really "flattered by his immense interest on him" and then leaving the place.

Once alone with the Player, Velskud willingly confesses that he was one of the Seven Apostles, along with Elena, Typhoon Kim, Karahan, Ignacio and others. Unlike other members who had their own purposes to fulfill, he just blindly and stupidly followed because, like Ignacio, his ancestors did as well, and regrets that it took him so much time to realize it. He explains that his master, as well as Karahan (but unknown to everyone at that time), wanted the Black Dragon Jewel which was absorbed by Velskud and ordered Karahan to find a way to get it out of him, forcing him to stay at his laboratory, and because of this he sought for the Ancient to obtain enough power to take revenge of the abuse he has been subject of. Velskud says that he has talked too much, advises the Player to never confront Karahan due to him being far too powerful and that they should go to Karacule's place.

Sometime after the events at the armory, Velskud and Cidel meet in secret. Even though they barely crossed words Cidel understood that using Velskud for his purposes wouldn't be a revenge for Charti but for Velskud himself, and that he should avenge Charti himself.

Following the news of Barnac's resurrection as Death Knight, the Player allies with Terramai and Rose to try to convince Velskud to give back Geraint's sword as Terramai believes it has enough power to successfully save Barnac. Velskud and Terramai have a brief encounter, telling Velskud that his displeasant way of speaking hasn't changed at all and that if he refuses to give back the sword, he will fight for it. Velskud refuses to give the sword back and flees. Later, follwing one of Rose's prophecies they all head to Meteor Crash Site Core to hunt down the person supposedly controlling Barnac, so they would be able to save him without the need of Geraint's sword. There, they encounter Velskud and Rose goes sick due to shock. Velskud is surprised about the fact that Rose was with them and doubted the story about how she was saved because he believes his former master wouldn't let her go so easy. Velskud also claims that he doesn't feel the Ancient power coming from Rose at all, and that she either lost them or it's a fake, but the Player confirms to him that her prophecies are still true which doesn't make Velskud be less skeptical about her, then leaves Rose and the Player alone.

The Player incidentially meets with Velskud again at Karacule's hut, while doing some errands for Terramai who told him to go find Cidel. Velskud still refuses to believe that Rose is being sincere, and mocks the Player for believing so easily her story about the loss of her powers. Cidel interrupts their argument and says that they should focus on saving Barnac anyway, and Velskud states that he was about to meet with someone who may have information about him at Mutant's Habitat, and allows the Player to follow him.

At Mutant's Habitat, Velskud speaks briefly with Yuvenciel. He ask if Barnac had become the new Knight of Kaleon, and Yuvenciel answers that he can not give him all the details about the subject but he is certain he isn't. Velskud ask if Barnac is being used by the new Knight of Kaleon instead, but Yuvenciel claims he doesn't know. Lastly, he asks him what he knows about Rose. Yuvenciel smiles and says the King is no longer in need to the power of the Ancients, and that he already must know the motives of the new Knight of Kaleon. Yuvenciel flatters the Player for being famous and leaves. Velskud decides they should head back to Karacule's hut.

Velskud believes Yuvenciel claims, stating he is an annoying old man but he doesn't lie. He decided that they should strike Barnac to stop him and find who is behind everything. The Player reminds Velskud that Terramai is trying to purify Barnac, but he insist on going by himself as Barnac and the new Apostle are behind him, so he tells the Player to go inform Terramai and to not interfere anymore.

Back at Saint Haven, Rose claims that she just had a vision about Barnac and Velskud fighting at Meteor Crash Site Core and they all hurry to that place. They get there in time to see Velskud fighting Barnac, and Terramai and Rose split to ambush Velskud. Velskud uses Geraint's sword to stab Barnac and proceed to use his powers on him, but it's stopped by Terramai who gives Rose the order to take care of Barnac, but Rose isn't in her position anymore and Geraint's sword is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, Velskud is stabbed from behind by Rose with the missing sword and faints. Now with Velskud's Jewel in her posesion, Rose drops the sword besides Velskud and reveals herself as Rose. She disappears saying that she will take care of the Dragon Jewel from now. Terramai volunteers to take care of Velskud, and hides him in the basement of Saint Haven Royal Castle.

Running Out of Time

Velskud is taken to Saint Haven to be treated for the side effects of the loss of his jewel at the hands of Rozalinde during the failed attempt to rescue Barnac. Terramai says that Velskud is better but will need continuous treatment, because he is unsure about the side effect of losing the jewel that was his life support. The Player pays a visit to Velskud, who is still bitter over the fact that using Geraint's sword to get rid of Barnac was just a trap and remarks that he always knew Rose was lying, but he could have never though she would become the new Apostle. Velskud says that without his Dragon Jewel, he is nothing, that the revenge he has been planning for years comes to a halt, and laughs. Terramai, despite his dislike towards Velskud, feels compassion and decides to focus on his recovery, as this must have been a big shock to him.

Later, Velskud is spotted by Heraldry Scholar Stas at Merchant Kelly's store, purchasing stomachache medicine. As it's made apparent, Velskud seems to have sneaked out of Saint Haven Royal Castle and ate the meal cooked by Daisy left at Shadow of Evil Spirits, and has fallen ill.

Velskud can be visited at the basement of the Saint Haven Royal Castle to obtain information about Lambert, soon after, Terramai gives the news that Velskud's condition is critical and is showing signs of an accelerated aging process. Terramai warns the Player that Velskud doesn't have much time and that only something "as strong as the life force of a Dragon" could save him, but such thing can only be found at the Tree of Life. To fulfill this purpose, Terramai suggest to meet up with Nerwin.

Extra Chapter 2: Code Name Zero

After the Player defeats Jasmine with the aid of Commelina, the Ancient Dragon Jewel once belonging to Daisy is obtained and brought back to Saint Haven. The Player speaks to Terramai who is alarmed at how quickly Velskud's condition is worsening, and says he has only some days left to live. Terramai suspects Velskud was attacked again due to how sudden he got bad, but he refuses to mention anything. The Player heads to see him at the basement, and sees Velskud having a conversation with Commelina. Velskud remarks that he isn't surprised about them both being acquaintances, and they share the habit of interfering with other people's business. While the Player and Velskud bicker, Commelina is checking her records and says that this all wasn't supposed to happen. Commelina apologizes for asking the Player to give the jewel back to her, but without it Velskud will die and the future will lose it's only remaining hero if they don't use it on him.

Velskud ignores the conversation the Player and Commelina are having, getting more and more angry at them. Velskud says that his life it's none of their business and that they should get lost. Commelina turns back to him and says that he is important to all of them, and reminds him of his role in the future. Velskud just laughs off at Commelina's stories and the Player scolds him, saying the she did everything she could to save him, but he claims it's useless as he has no intention of being anyone's hero again. Commelina begs Velskud, as the future she came from no longer exists and Velskud is her last hope for the current timeline they are living in. Velskud goes silent and tells her to not regret her choices, as he can't guaranteed that he will fight by their side, and Commelina accepts as she still trust him. Velskud accepts the jewel from them, saying he will repay his debt. Velskud is soon given this jewel and recovers, but he mistakes as the one belonging to Geraint due to feeling a warm light reminiscent of him. Velskud's mind wanders off thinking about said light but it's interrupted by Commelina's cries and tells her that she is noisy and to get lost.

Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Kali and Assassin players will leave to meet with Terramai, while Academic players stay with Velskud, who says that he should get going despite the Academic's protests. Velskud states that the only reason he stayed on that basement was because of Terramai, but now he doesn't depend on him and claims that there is no time to rest as he needs to leave as fast as possible. Velskud says that he doesn't need to go Anu Arendel anymore, but advises her to go there as something important will happen there soon and that she will get to know the details once she is there. Velskud claims that he will explain it himself to Terramai, and that the Academic should start making her own preparations.

Anu Arendel

Velskud reappeared at Anu Arendel, first spotted by the Elf Elder who tells the Player about an unnamed new ally in black armor with an Ancient Jewel who reminds him of someone Nerwin met 50 years ago, and that is currently helping the elves reach Abyss of Heat. The Players heads off to do missions, after being told by the Elf Elder that he will notify Velskud about them once he is back. Later, the Player finds Velskud at the Wailing Wall in a heated argument with Rozalinde. Full of indignation after being told that she is likely not a Prophet and that Feder sending her to kill Velskud was a trap for her, she storms away of the place. Once alone, the Players takes that chance to speak to Velskud who receives them with his usual bitterness and impatience. The Player informs Velskud that Lunaria, who he is already familiar with, is in fact a fragment of Vestinel. If the Player is an Assassin, Velskud will hit the Player to knock him out of his trance with Illusion and scold him about how he is not smart enough to keep himself out of trouble.

The Player will question how he is able to feel the presence of Argenta and Geraint, an angered Velskud reminds them of the deal back at the Saint Haven Royal Castle basement. He tells the Player that they must stop wasting time and sends them off to find Lunaria, but they insist on going to warn the Elf Elder first. Furious, Velskud berates the Player for being as much as an airhead as Geraint was as the trip back to the Tree of Life would be too time consuming and sends them off again.

Velskud heads alone to The Eye of the Goddess to finally confront Feder, but he just receives mockery about how he was used as an experimental subject and the current state of his powers. The Players runs into them and worried, calls for Velskud. Soon after Feder leaves the place. Visibly frustrated by the Players arrival and Feder's departure, Velskud reminds they Player about his personal story as an Apostle, which they seem to have already forgotten, and that they are no allies. As the aura of Argenta and Geraint can be felt again, with the former being worryingly weak, he decides they should move on to find them.

Velskud faces Argenta at The Praying Heart, where he finally meets the new Geraint. Argenta reveals that she was able to regain all her power back after breaking the Ancients' seal stone, but the reason for her critical condition is having eaten all the darkness that leaked from Mist Land and the nightmares of the Goddesses after Feder opened the Monolith and she will be soon corrupted. Velskud complains to Argenta that she is always doing things that pisses people off, but she answers him back that he has no right to talk as he stole Black Dragon Karas' jewel and caused a lot of troubles. Argenta says that she has had enough and at least she will be able to rest now. Velskud decides to help Argenta die, but Geraint embraces him and begs him to not to. Velskud knocks him back with the shoulder of his swords tells him that in the state he is there is nothing he can do, and that he is as useless as his past self. He then proceeds to stab Argenta, and before exploding in a blinding white light she remarks that dying by Velskud's hands feels sickeningly unpleasant, and tells Geraint to be strong and bids farewell.

Once Argenta is dead, Velskud absorbed her jewel inside his body, ignoring Geraint's cries and insults towards him. Geraint calls him a thief and a murdered, despite Argenta being the one who planned her own death. Velskud refuses to acknowledge the kid as the new Geraint and owner of the sword as he is immature and weak, and reveals having thrown away Geraint's sword after it virtually became an empty shell that he can go pick it up if he wants it so badly. Alone with the Player, Velskud talks about how they have already lost the battle despite Argenta's efforts as the Monolith was opened anyway. He states that he may be the more suitable to close the Monolith, but there are no means for him to recover or use Argenta's power.

Changing the subject, Velskud scolds the Player for their involvement in the war, for having led humans into Anu Arendel, and makes them realize they are alone and may be used by the monarchy as a scapegoat to shift all the blame. Velskud advices the Player to think about their next move, but remarks that the best option may be to flee. Tired, he leaves wishing they never meet again.

Extra Chapter 4: The Red King

Velskud is seen wandering around with Geraint, who seems to have calmed down and forgotten about his plans to avenge Argenta by killing him. He briefly meets Rubinart, who notices Argenta's and Feder's smells coming from him. The Player introduces them both, and Velskud calls Rubinart a fool for having given away his jewel for Feder. Rubinart comes back at Velskud for trying to shift the blame at him, mocking him for being too weak to escape from Karahan's laboratory for 50 years, that he should just give up as he can hardly handle Argenta's jewel and know his place as a a Dragon he is just a newborn. Rubinart persuades Velskud into going off to find Geraint, which angrily does as he buys Rubinart's lie about how Geraint may have gone alone to fight Feder and will get himself killed.

Rubinart has a conversation with the Player about how impossible it is for Velskud to handle Argenta's jewel and how having two jewels inside his body worsen the situation. He warns the Player that being consumed by the jewels is the low probability worst case escenario, but that it's possible that Velskud's personality, and even his physical appereance and memories change with time. At this point, it's dangerous to try and remove the jewels from him as they have already settled but they cannot depend on him as he "may implode anytime", and it would be better for him to release that power instead of trying to use it.

At the Garden of Time and Space, a visibly tired Velskud has a brief albeit unwilling conversation with the Player shortly before they head to the Red Dragon Nest. He complains about the personality of Geraint and how Argenta left him with a bunch of annoyances to deal with. He suddenly opens up and talks about how he cannot deny that revenge was what kept him going and how those feelings won't go away easily due to everything he has lost until now, then he switches the subject to how the Player ignored his advice over and over, and now they are all alone in the battle agaisnt Feder. He questions the Player's motives, and after hearing their answer he gives one last advice: Never lose sight and stay true to oneself, and keep moving forward.

Velskud rushes with Geraint inside Feder's Nest once the spell feels weak enough for they to go through, however, they find Feder has already been killed by the Player.

Through Mist Land

Despite the concern for his frail health, Velskud decides to cross the Monolith and enter Mist Land. While Geraint and Rubinart run off from Tryan and his henchmen, Velskud strolls around on his own. He is later found attempting to set up a barrier in the Monolith's frontier to protect Lagendia, which seems to rise successfully. Velskud complains that he is now suffering from insomnia as he can hear two women whispering on his sleep, making him suspect that a part of their souls resides in the jewels he absorbed.

Velskud later went to meet Player at Red Waste after sensing something wrong with Rubinart's barrier. He went back to the Monolith after conveying his message to the Player. After Rubinart was taken away by Vestinel's Oracle, Player becomes worried about Velskud and Iris told them that Rubinart's barrier is still standing strong. Confused at what Iris said, Iris brings Player to the Monolith and Velskud told Player that Rubinart's barrier is stronger than ever, he don't understand what is Rubinart planning to do when he allow himself to be taken away by Vestinel's Oracle.

The Future

Velskud was one of the survivors of the Red Dragon attack that turned Lagendia into a chaotic land 10 years from the present time. Some years after, he became acquaintances with Jasmine and the Academic, and became a companion of the two, however is unknown if he is fully aware of their true nature. Unlike them, Velskud seems far less enthusiast about the idea of saving the future, and even claims that the right thing for him would be to disappear along with his current world as he feels that he doesn't have anything to live for.

Upon Geraint's dying wish, he dedicates his life to protect the survivors, gaining the title "Guardian of the World". Jasmine describes him as a man who lives to fulfill his duty. According the the Academic's records, Velskud is in possession of both Geraint's and Argenta's jewels.

Velskud told Jasmine that he finds boring how humanity has placed all their hopes in children in both past and present. Jasmine laughed and told him back that he out of all people should understand what duty was. Velskud mocks her, and claims that he isn't protecting the world out of his own sense of responsibility, but because he is the only Dragon left and it's only enduring in place of certain idiot who died and left him alone with the burden. He feels his life also has not much time left and that he already failed saving the word.

Some time before Academic is sent 50 years into the past, Velskud discussed with Jasmine about her plans as he doesn't agree with sacrificing the people of the alternate timeline for the sake of theirs, and Jasmine questions if his motives are related to Geraint. According to Jasmine, if he attempts to time travel he will suffer the same destiny as her grandfather, because it is impossible for him and the Velskud from the present to exist at the same time. Defeated, Velskud stays silent. Jasmine continues saying that peace is possible with the help of the Monolith, but Velskud questions if she has an alternate plan in case it fails. Jasmine says that her last resort is to relocate everyone in the past, suggesting that she will have to get rid of the people living in that timeline. Velskud comments that Jasmine is truly a scary human, but lets her go on, as she is the one who were given the right to make the choice over the world's future.

Velskud then mets up with the Academic the day her time traveling would take place. She confessed her excitement to Velskud for being able to see the people in the past, but he commented that her excitement was unnecessary because she knew the history and he knows that it will be dangerous. He then persuades the Academic to disobey Jasmine's orders of not messing with the past events and just follow her heart; he claimed that he doesn't oppose Jasmine plans, but at the same time, believes that what she is trying to do will bring pain to the people in the past. Lastly, he hoped that the Academic would not regret the decisions she takes and told her to think carefully about what she wants and that he believes she is more than qualified to be a hero.

It is implied that Velskud sees himself in the Academic, as both of them are pursuing a mission that was trusted upon them by someone they hold dear.


Velskud Bromide Preview.png

To befriend Velskud, Players must complete the quest Apostle's Whereabouts, with exception of the Academic Players who need to complete Colleagues instead. He is one of the characters that provides Bromide.

Although he cannot be given gifts to increase his friendship, one can acquire his Bromide by finishing the level 40 quest Escape.


Velskud Bromide.png


Velskud as he appears in the movie.

In Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn

See Velskud (Movie)

Velskud appears in the movie adaptation with essentially the same role as in the game during the Black Dragon Raid. Similarly to the game, Velskud is described as having a cold and harsh personality, however his tender side comes out whenever Geraint is present. Velskud and Geraint often fight side by side, and as result they are seen as "Battle Brothers". His physical character design is also largely the same, with the most notable differences being his darker skin tone and the addition of eyebrows.


Velskud Wanted.jpg
  • Velskud is first seen in a wanted poster of the notice board in Cristal Stream.
    • The reward for him is $100,000,000,000,000.
  • Unkempt Kid is a huge fan of him, and claims to know everything about.
  • Due to the Academic's nature, is possible that many of the memories she recalls of him are in fact from Daisy or Jasmine.
    • It also brings the possibility that the conversation he had with her has been repeated with each one of the clones.
  • Gackt-Ever.jpg
    The popularity of his Japanese voice actor, GACKT, had made him one of the most featured characters in several events and merchandise, from food products to his own CD single.
    • He is featured in the cover of the second volume of Dragon Nest: Shungeki no Sed.
  • Ironically, the quest that makes the Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress and Kali Players obtain Velskud's Friendship Information, Apostle's Whereabouts, is the same one in which he calls them "Trash" repeatedly, says that they should kill themselves off and claims that he would kill the Player if he wasn't feeling so lazy to do so.
  • The sleeves of Velskud's old clothing have a symbol that when put together, it forms the winged golden heart crest that appears in several pieces of Geraint's outfit.
    • However, his in-game model shows a golden circle with a similar looking wing-like pattern. This may have been an oversight.
  • Velskud it's the fifth NPC to have cash shop items designed after himself.
    • He is also the first to become a playable character, albeit temporarly, as a costume transformation.
  • Players can obtain their own Velskud to train and level up through the Heroes Assemble System.
Velskud ifuture3.png
  • Through a quest from Future Information Collector iFuture3, one can learn that Velskud is afflicted by frequent nightmares related to the traumas of his past.

Name Origin

His name appears to be made up with a combination of the names of Urðr (Urd), Verðandi (Verdandi) and Skuld; meaning "Fate", "Happening-Present" and "Debt-Future" respectively.


Velskud Error.jpg
  • Velskud will appear carrying Geraint's sword at Dried Marissa Spring and at the cave in the outskirts of the Black Mountain, soon after his battle with the latter. This should be impossible due to Geraint still being alive and the sword being used in the basement of Saint Haven Royal Castle to protect Rose.
  • The model of Velskud used in the cutscene at the end of Extra Chapter 2 has the spikes of his clothing intact, while the model used so far sitting in the same area has the left side broken.
  • The Elf Elder mentions that Velskud was wearing his usual black clothing the first time Velskud is mentioned in Anu Arendel, however, he is soon after found by the Player wearing his old clothes from 50 years ago.

In other localizations


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Velskud, Russia



Velskud is one of the characters who received a face make-over in the Japanese version of the game, along with Geraint, Argenta, Rose, Lily and Daisy. Unlike the other characters whose original designs were maintained, Velskud was almost completely redrawn to give him softer facial features, a sightly darker skin tone, smaller pupils, shiners, full lips, a thick layer of what looks like eyeliner and the addition of eyebrows to his design.

North America

Some of Velskud's dialogue was re-wrote to make him appear more sarcastic and hot-blooded.