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Wonderful Theme Park
Location Accessible through Calderock Village and Saint Haven
Instance Info
Instance Type Field map
Recommended Levels N/A
Party Size Limit 4

The Wonderful Theme Park is a circus-themed central hub for minigames that are available to players at Level 24 and above. These minigames give players Wonderful Exchange Coupons, which can be exchanged for jewels, Talismans, Dragon Jades, and a permanent costume.

Calderock Village Challenge

Warrior Goblin

Level Target 10 - 31
Party Member Capacity 1
Entrance Limit 7

You must defeat 300 Spartan Goblins and then fight the goblin boss, Leonidas Goblin. A mob of 30 goblins is spawned in the beginning with more goblins spawning to replace fallen ones. Monsters may occasionally drop food on the floor such as Delicious Meat, to replenish health and/or energy.

After defeating the boss, you can return to stage entrance or the town.

Difficulty: Easy

Monster Appearance
Spartan Goblin Beginning of game
Spartan Goblin After 60 kills
Spartan Goblin After 100 kills
Spartan Goblin After 150 kills
Spartan Goblin After 200 kills
Leonidas Goblin (BOSS) After 300 kills

Monastery Treasure Warehouse

Level Target 21 - 40
Party Member Capacity 3
Entrance Limit 7

For this stage, you must defeat all monsters appear in warehouse in order to open the treasure. They mostly aggressive, so be watch out.

After defeating the boss, you can return to stage entrance or the town.

Difficulty: Abyss

Dwarf Tarantula
Goblin Soldier
Ash Wisp
Scarlet Wrath (BOSS)
Spark Skeleton (BOSS)
Kobold Bandit

Bumpy Road

Level Target: 20 - 40
Party Member Capacity 1
Entrance Limit 7

This stage is the hardest among to all theme park stage. You must find the treasure in 4 minutes by passing the bumpy road. Here are the challenge you must going on:

  • Challenge 1: Destroy the black crystals
    • Obsactles: Spikes will appear in order, from left to right.
  • Challenge 2: Switch the switches
    • Obsactles: Kobold Artilery will keep shooting bomb to ground violently.
  • Challenge 3: Destroy the small black crystal
    • Obsactles: Minotaur will summon monsters if you get caught by him.
  • Challenge 4: Continue by jumping on right platform
    • Obsactles: Spikes instantly knocked down you if you jump onto wrong platform.
  • Last Challenge: Open the seal stones
    • Obsactles: Hurricane will moving from north to south and vice versa.

Difficulty: Easy

Kobold Artilery
Minotaur Knight